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Re-entry burnout

You've fulfilled your dream and then... what?

The hardest part.

The decision of quitting my job and then all the preparation for the travel were not very difficult. Travelling by buses through South America, tiredness, sleeping in dorms and taking care of my safety happened to be the easiest part of everything.

The hardest part of the travel is to start again. And that was a bit of surprise for me ;)

Your heart your guide.

While traveling you get new experience, knowledge and ideas. You observe other ways of living and new possibilities. Everything around inspire you. I’ve traveled before - not once or twice. But I believe that the reason I feel "re-entry burnout" is the length of the travel. I’ve let myself to follow my intuition. For many months my heart was my only guide. And now I’m back in the reality I’ve left some time ago. Most of the things are the same, but my way of seeing things is different. The things I was doing before don’t resonate with me anymore.

Accept: "I don't know yet".

Being back "home" means to take some roles again - even If you don't like that idea. Most likely it is what's going to happen. Being back home also means to fight with the boxes and labels you got before. Or maybe you got a new label of globetrotter? And now the society expects you to define yourself again? I have amazing friends and family. I'm positive, I don't look around for approval of ma actions, I try not to compare myself to anyone. But still in such circumstances it’s harder for me to listen to myself. There is a lot of noise around. People asking about my next steps, giving me advice, telling what I should or even what I have to do. I know it's time to breath deeply and give myself time.

Stay connected with your inner-self.

Amongst all my new business and life ideas, my actions, my thoughts I try to relax. I made a list of things that brings peace to my mind, that let me be in the present time. And I do those things as often as possible. They are my small sources of positive energy I can use every day :) Few examples of such actions - going for a walk, talking with a friend, writing in a diary, having healthy breakfast, sending short messages to people I care for, doing excercise, having coffee in a nice place.

One thing is sure - If I put pressure on myself nothing good will happen. I can connect to the natural flow of energy only when I'm calm and relaxed. So I accept my “I don’t know yet” and I trust in the magic of new beginnings :)

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