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Beautiful lake with Alp views

Hopfen Am See in Bavaria, Germany

I guess most of you know some of the Disney's animated films. I have never expected to see one of the Disney's castles, called Neuschwanstein, while walking around Hopfensee - beautiful lake in Bavaria, Germany. It was a nice surprise that made this trip even more magical :)

Hopfen Am See city is absolutely amazing and charming - especially that you can see The Alps while enjoying 7 km walk around the lake. It is a weekend and holiday destination for locals so I can imagine it can get crowded during the summer season. There are many restaurants with lake view and also you can rent a boat to enjoy the water. Believe me, coffee with mountain view and beautiful spring flowers around, has an unforgettable and unique taste! <3

Next time I may even visit Neuschwanstein Castle which is just 15 minutes drive from the lake.

It was a really nice find out - just look at the pictures! :)


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